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Terms of Service (for private commissions)

  • All professional correspondence will be handled exclusively through e-mails. I don't conduct business through social media or Discord.

  • I typically check my inbox on week days between 9AM to 6PM, from France (timezone: CET in Autumn/Winter, CEST in Spring/Summer). I am not available on weekends or during French public holidays.

  • I have the right to decline a commission.

 Copyright & Reproduction Rights
  • Commissions are for personal use only, unless agreed otherwise.

    • This includes : sharing on social media + using as pfp with proper credit, and printing to display in a private environment (at home for instance).

    • What is not allowed : selling merch, using artwork in a game, printing it in an artbook, selling as an adopt, exploit as NFT, etc...​

  • The commissioner is not allowed to use any part of my art in a AI training model or modify it through AI softwares, in any way, shape or form.

  • I retain all rights to the created artwork and reserve the right to display it on social media and in my portfolio and, unless the piece contains one or several of your OCs, sell created art in digital or physical forms.

  • I reserve the right to live stream on Twitch for entertainment and education, and record the creation of the artwork to provide education on Patreon.

  • I will put a signature on my artwork and will not remove it under any circumstances.

  • Minor edits (cropping, adding text) are allowed. Edits like changing colors, detouring the artwork, cropping out the signature or watermark are NOT allowed in any way. 

✦ Turnaround times & Deadlines
  • Turnaround time for private commissions can be anywhere between 1 to 3 months.

  • If there is a specific deadline to be met (birthday gift, etc…), I ask the commissioner to let me know before I send the invoice.

  • Deadlines that are too tight compared to my current workload will incur a rush fee of 20 to 50% and may be declined.

  • Payment will be made through Paypal invoice only

  • Full payment upfront is expected by default. Installments are possible upon request for projects above 200€: 50% upfront, 50% before I start rendering the piece (see Process & Revisions below)

 Cancellation & Refunds
  • I have the right to cancel a commission, no matter the completion, if :

    • I can no longer deliver the commission for personal reasons like family death, important sickness or injuries. (Full refund)

    • the commissioner behaves inappropriately with me (no refunds)

    • the commissioner behaves inappropriately online (example : racist, homophobic, transphobic behavior in a fandom, harassing a fellow illustrator etc…) (no refunds)

  • If a project is cancelled for any reason, the commissioner cannot claim the final product nor the work in progress piece.

 Process & Revisions
  • Before any payment is received, we will go over the commission details, and prices to make sure we are on the same wavelength. You are welcome to ask me any further questions!

  • I will then send you the invoice and will start the drawing process once I receive either the full payment or down payment.


My process consists of 3 stages, where you are able to make changes to the commission (1 round of revisions per stage, any additional iteration will cost extra) :


  • Stage 1 - Rough sketch: any major changes in the pose / composition can ONLY be made here. Please keep in mind that if you provided someone else’s artwork as reference for a pose or inspiration for your character design, I will take loose inspiration from some elements it but will make modifications, as I will not copy someone else’s work. You are welcome to ask for modifications at this stage so that the sketch matches what you had in mind.

  • Stage 2 - Lineart + Base color: I will clean up the finalized sketch, line it and add the flat colors (+ base elements if a custom background was ordered). Revisions will apply only for minor details (changing clothing patterns, modify a small accessory…) and color fixing (keep in mind that the shading can change the colors a bit).


For commissioners who opted for installment plans, remaining 50% balance is due before any further progress beyond here.


  • Stage 3 - Shading + rendering: I will finalize the character(s), lighting, and detail the custom background if need be. Any changes made here will be minor color fixing only.


Note: If important details have been missed by the illustrator (tattoos, scars, jewelry, etc...), this will be rectified without charge if the missing component is was provided in the art brief/reference. If not, this will incur a fee based on how long it takes to be rectified.

 Communication & Updates 
  • Depending on the size of your project and my current workload, I may complete the commission a bit faster or slower than my average turnaround time (unless we agreed on a specific deadline or if I'm working on a commercial project).

  • I send a minimum of 3 updates (one for each stage) and usually provide a rough date/week for when you can expect the next update, to keep the communication fluid.

  • Please note that these deadlines are only indicative. Follow-up emails are welcome, but please allow for a few days if you haven't heard from me, and don't spam my inbox (or my social media/Discord DMs, as those messages will be left unanswered).


All completed commissions will be sent via WeTransfer and will contain:

  • a high res 300dpi PNG with signature (the original file)

  • a watermarked JPEG in lower resolution, optimized for online sharing.


Please ONLY use this watermarked low-res file when posting your commission on social media, as fanarts and fantasy characters tend to be reposted and exploited by other individuals, AI websites, and even third-party merch websites. This is to prevent my work and the art piece you paid for with your hard-earned money to be exploited by someone else.

 Will draw
  • Up to 3 people

  • Your OC(s) (SFW or NSFW *)

  • Your portrait (SFW only. Please keep in mind my style is stylized, I don't do realism/semi-realism)

  • Fanart ** (SFW or NSFW *)

  • Fantasy design: ears, tails, wings, horns, "monster lover" designs like mermen etc...


* when in doubt, feel free to just ask me if I am comfortable with executing your ideas.

** fanart accepted except characters from Disney, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter.

 Won't draw
  • Complex/ detailed backgrounds involving perspective and buildings

  • Heavy NSFW / ahegao faces / some fetishes*

  • Realism/semi-realism/mecha/furry

  • Pregnancy/Babies/Toddlers/Kids

  • Animals

  • Gore (gloomy or with a bit of blood is ok *)

  • Someone else's style

  • Racist / homophobic / transphobic / hateful content in general

  • The following content: incest, rape/non-con, pedophilia, vore, eroguro, ...

* when in doubt, feel free to just ask me if I am comfortable with executing your ideas.

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