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Commission status:

  • commercial work: open

  • personal work: closed until further notice

Commercial work:

Feel free to contact me directly at!

Please make sure your email includes the following information:

  • a short art brief (what type of project you have in mind)

  • a deadline

  • your licensing needs (how and for what you intend to use the illustration, how long, etc...)

  • your budget (optional)


These information are important as they allow me to create a quote adapted to your needs and make sure your project can fit in my schedule!

Note: streaming assets, Patreon exclusive art and promotional art (for a game, book, etc...) are considered commercial work.

Private commissions:

Prices below are meant for PRIVATE commissions only. Prices and terms for commercial work include a licensing fee and will be discussed with the client privately.

For personal commissions you can use the following Google Form.*

Before sending your inquiry, please read the prices as well as my Terms of Services page.

Prices shown in the next section are starting prices - an additional fee will incure for:

  • Intricate/complex designs: intricate outfits, complex tattoos, monster designs, complex and/or NSFW poses, detailed background, hands showing in a headshot portrait, etc... 

  • Characters with no visual references: if you can't provide a canon reference (other commission, 3D model...) but only a text description or an inspiration board, I will add a character's design fee of 50 to 100€ (depending on the size of the project)

*If the status is closed, please do not fill in a form! I don't work with a waiting list anymore, and won't reserve a slot. You may however visit the form to see what information you'll need to fill out!

Portrait commissions:

  • A portrait of your character(s) of choice, in a simple pose

  • Simple background included (solid, gradient, or atmospheric/ethereal)

  • ​Any additional characters will cost +100%.

Headshot 150€

Bust-up 190€

Half-body 250€

Fullbody 350€


Headshot (+ extra flowers)


Illustration commissions:

  • This type of work is a composition between one character and their environment, be it a custom background, special effects, or an art nouveau-inspired decor.

  • ​Any additional characters will cost +90%.

Please note that I don't offer headshots for illustration commissions.

Regular illustrations:

They can include dynamic poses, storytelling elements (time of day, background/scenery, floral elements, magic...). The lighting is more rendered and cohesive with the environment.

Bust-up 300€

Half-body 400€

Fullbody 500€



Art Nouveau illustrations:

Simple to no shading/lighting, the emphasis is on gradients, textures and decorative elements.

Bust-up 350€

Half-body 450€

Fullbody 550€




Custom projects:

For specific projects such as character sheets etc... Feel free to send me an email at with your creative brief, and your budget!

Printing service

The commissioner can choose to receive a print of their commissioned work.
Prints are printed by me on 280 gsm Canson Satin Photo Paper, with or without borders (default is without).
A small signature at the bottom of the print will be included.

  • A4 or 8x10 print: 15€

  • A5 or 5 x7 print: 10€

Prices shown include standard international shipping. Tracking is possible, at an additional cost - please let me know in the form if you want your print to be tracked!

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